Our Open Hub  

OurOpenHub is an idea that evolved from several conferences with the goal of providing a central “clearinghouse” of information related to all things open. This website concept and design is based on a grass roots driven initiative that has a working group from across Canada and a representative from New Zealand which we look to expand in the future.  If you’re interested in joining us, connect by email OurOpenHub@gmail.com

This website is a static Alpha version (minimal function & sample content – not current) and WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to make it better. Please CLICK here to provide your comments on design, functionality and type of content.  We will be providing a different form for submitting additional content later.

GOOD Webinars

In addition to conferences, the association is developing a series of webinars to be run on a monthly basis.  The current webinar topics planned are:

  • Introduction to Open Data
  • Data Governance – Challenges and Approaches
  • Ethical AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • COVID-19 and Open Data

We would welcome your suggestions for other topics and questions you would like to have answered.  Please provide your feedback here.