Our History


Briefly explain the origins of GOODA

2013 – Inaugural Conference

The first Go Open Data Conference was held on Saturday May 11, 2013 in the Pharmacy Building of the University of Waterloo in Kitchener.  The concept for GO Open Data came from Albert O’Connor, a web developer from Kitchener (http://albertoconnor.ca/). The conference was planned by a group of volunteers:  Albert O’Connor, Conference Lead; Jury Konga, Open Data – Gov consultant; Oriana Sharp, Region of Waterloo; Garry Bezruki, City of Waterloo; ?, University of Waterloo; ? civil society

2014 – A turning point

After the success of the initial conference, Jury Konga coordinated the planning for GO Open Data to become an annual conference starting in 2014 which was held in Toronto at the waterfront campus of George Brown College.  This became a turning point with a new format and a broader and larger audience.

The event was changed to a 2 day format with the conference being held on Friday and the Saturday initiating a full day open data Hackathon,  The conference exceeded expectations with over 350 participants and multiple projects started during the hackathon.The conference was Co-Chaired by Trish Garner, former Open Data Lead for the City of Toronto and Jury Konga and had a diverse planning team with participation from municipal and provincial governments, non-profits, academia, private sector and civil society.  The 2014 conference became a turning point as it provided a successful model for ongoing annual GOOD conferences and community engagement.

2019 Formation of the GOOD Association

WHY did we create the association?  Members of the 2019 Conference Planning Committee agreed with the recommendation that GO Open Data become incorporated to effectively deal with the signing of contracts and managing liabilities and finances associated with undertaking events. GO Open Data Inc. was incorporated as a federal non-profit on April 3, 2019.

There was also the desire to formalize an association with members to provide services beyond just an annual conference and have a community to provide feedback on proposed programs and projects.  We encourage people to become members and actively participate in the association.